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Welcome to the truckerswheel forum. Here you can discuss or comment on things related to oilfield trucking, ice road trucking, OTR trucking, or life itself.

This is a new addition to our completely rebuilt site for summer 2016 and it will take some time to get this rolling. Registration is open and we expect to be fully operational by Late July. Please excuse our construction phases.

We also decided to keep comments closed on our articles and included them as topics in our forum. Each article on our site will have a link to the appropriate forum topic if you wish to have your say.

Our forum is open to the public for viewing, but you’ll have to register with us if you want to post. If you’re interested in asking questions, helping others, or having your say on our site, simply visit our registration page here, or use the link in the top navigation bar or sidebar.

Once approved, you’ll also be able to start you own topics. We only ask that you keep the topics relevant to the forum you are in.

For any other questions, comments, or concerns, you can always contact us.

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      Welcome to our trucking articles forum. This is where you can comment on any of the articles posted on our site. We decided adding forum topics for each article was better than an endless sting of comments at the bottom of each article. Setting things up this way makes the discussions easier to understand, easier to follow and allows you to respond appropriately. At the end of each article on our site you'll find the appropriate link for commenting on the article you read, or reading comments by others. You can visit our trucking articles by using the link in the navigation bar.
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