Frac Hauling

Frac hauling is one of the more sought after high paying trucking jobs in North America. Frac sand, Co2, nitrogen, water, frac oil, chemicals, equipment and other products have to be delivered to each job location.

Working with various oilfield trucking companies takes you on a new adventure every day. It can be challenging at times with extreme grades, switchbacks, icy narrow roads, and places you wouldn’t think it was possible to take a truck.

When it comes to off road trucking pictures, keep in mind the craziest stuff rarely ever gets photographed unless you want to end up in a heap of trouble. Thanks to dash cams, we’ll be developing a truck driving videos section, so keep your eyes open for it. We’ve already started posting video from a season of ice road trucking.

I hope you enjoy the frac hauling pictures we have. They include anything from the transloading facilities where we get the products, to the locations where we deliver them. We have thousands more, so be patient as it will take time to get this going.

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