Sunrises, Sunsets, Sun dogs, Northern lights and skies

Sunrises, sunsets, sun dogs, northern lights and skies show us the true beauty of nature from above. They are the flower gardens of the sky always changing with their colour, texture and light. Even in places where the earth is desolate, frozen, barren and with little form, there’s always the sky.

Having traveled to many parts of the world, I’ve seen some truly amazing skies. Nothing has amazed me more than the north. From the amazing northern lights to the beautiful ice road sunsets, you have to see it to believe it. Pictures are nice to look at, but the atmosphere of being there is a more fulfilling experience.

Sun dogs are caused by the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere. They can be seen anywhere, but are very common in the cold north due to the moist frozen air. The ice crystals act as prisms to bend the light creating the sun dog. They are also much more frequent when the sun is closer to the horizon. In the far north, the sun travels in a very low trajectory through much of the year creating perfect conditions for sun dogs.

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