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Telebelting photos was added to our galleries because they’re the latest and greatest addition to the frac sand business. They’re becoming the preferred method for moving large volumes of frac sand at high rates.

Superfracking has pushed the industry to provide new equipment in all areas to move larger volumes of fracturing products more efficiently. This includes the multi-billion dollar/year frac sand business. Our site focus is on off road trucking and telebelts have had a huge impact on the frac sand hauling business.

Telebelts were first introduced into the oil and gas industry in 2010, as a way to keep up with the requirements of superfracking. Loading frac sand with pneumatic trailers was slow at a rate of 1/2 ton to 1 ton per minute. Telebelts have the capacity to unload at 3 to 4 tons/minute.

The large volumes of sand added other challenges to unloading with pneumatics as sand vessels had to be stacked making them difficult to access. This often means using longer hoses, which in turn reduces the unloading capacity even further.

A telebelt has the ability to reach 6 hogs or more using an extendable conveyor system. Telebelt units also have the ability to cut down on truck demurrage significantly. Other benefits with Telebelts are reduced silica dust in the air, preservation of resin coated sands that can be damaged under pressure, less spillage, less traffic congestion and additional screening capabilities.

There were challenges to overcome with Telebelts and bugs to work out and they take competent operators to keep them maintained and functioning to their full potential. It was a learning experience, but their value has been proven and they’re now commonplace in the industry.

Working in the field with these units since their introduction in 2010 I put together material in the form of pictures, videos and articles to document their benefits and features.

For anyone wishing more detailed information on oilfield Telebelt operations in the oil and gas industry you can visit our full series Telebelting Frac Sand or you can contact us.

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