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Truckerswheel is an off road trucking website that delivers unique material from the Ice Roads and the oilfields. Our content is authentic and comes directly from working in these fields.

What you’ll find at Truckers Wheel

On our site you’ll find articles, over 800 great trucking pictures of the ice roads and the oilfields, off road driving video, and educational information for those considering a career in these fields. Last year we did an overhaul on the site, but there’s more to come for 2019.

Truckerswheel - Home - Oilfield trucking in Northwestern Alberta.

Oilfield Trucking in the foothills and mountains of northern Alberta and British Colombia serves up some challenging terrain.

We’re here to bring you the good, the bad and the ugly of off road trucking. There’s a lot of rumors about crazy adventures, danger and big money with these off road driving occupations, so we deliver the truth.

The idea was to provide more accurate facts about pay, working conditions, challenges, risks, dangers, safety, rules, living conditions, expenses, and the sacrifices of being away from family and friends for long periods of time.

Without painting this in a negative light, there’s a lot of enjoyment from new challenges, opportunities to develop one’s driving skills, make new friends, see new places, with a feeling of accomplishment and self satisfaction. There’s also the chance to strike a few items off one’s “Truck it list” and yes, make well above the average trucking driving wages.

Truckerswheel - Home - Ice Road Trucking Across the frozen lakes and Tundra.

Ice Road Trucking Across the frozen lakes and Tundra.

My goal was to provide the information I couldn’t find when I started out. I wanted to provide answers to questions that led to educated and informed career decisions. I wanted people to understand as much as they could before getting into these careers. I wanted them to either maximize the possible benefits, or realize it may not be worth it for them. Lastly, I wanted people to be entertained.

We hope you enjoy the information we provide.

Truckerswheel Team

Thanks for checking out Truckerswheel Home page. Enjoy the site.