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Photo Galleries and Videos

Ice Road trucking photos – 4 Galleries
  1. Ice Road Scenery
  2. Ice Road Driving Photos
  3. Ice Road Loads
  4. Ice Road Drivers
  5. Tibbett Contwoyto Winter Road
Oilfield Trucking Photos – 6 Galleries
  1. Oilfield Photos
  2. Oilfield Accidents
  3. Big Rig Pictures
  4. Telebelting Photos
  5. Frac Hauling
  6. Crude Oil Hauling
Trucking Quotes – 1 Gallery

Trucking Quotes

Truck Driving videos – 2 galleries
  1. Ice Road Trucking Videos
  2. Oilfield Trucking Videos

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Road Reports


Trucking Articles
  1. Truck Driver Pay
  2. Truck Driver Attitude
  3. Construction Zones and Speeding
  4. Changes in Trucking
  5. Trucker Shortage
  6. Truck Driver Job Search
  7. Dimming High Beams and Driving Lights
Informative and Educational Articles
  1. Transloading Proppants
  2. Superfracking
  3. Frac Location Accident
  4. 2015 Alberta Oilfield Layoffs

Trucking Series

Oilfield Trucking – 8 parts
  1. Oilfield Trucking
  2. Oilfield Jobs
  3. Truck Driving Salaries
  4. Oilfield Safety
  5. Off Road Trucking
  6. Oilfield Driving
  7. Oilfield VHF Radio Use
  8. Truckers Equipment
Telebelting Frac Sand – 6 parts
  1. Telebelting frac sand
  2. Frac Sand Unloading
  3. Frac Sand Safety
  4. Frac Sand Storage
  5. Pneumatic and Telebelt Speeds,
  6. Frac Sand Telebelt Benefits
Safe Professional Truck Driving Series – 6 parts
  1. Seem-Safe Efficient Ethical Moral
  2. Luck – Labouring Under Correct Knowledge
  3. Truck Driving Safety
  4. Bending The Rule
  5. Practical Wisdom and Prudent Driving
  6. Balancing Confidence and Caution
Ice Road trucking e-book previews

Book Preview 1
Book Preview 2
Book Preview 3
Book Preview 4
Book Preview 5
Book Preview 6
Book Preview 7
Book Preview 8
Book Preview 9
Book Preview 10
Book Preview 11
Book Preview 12
Book Preview 13

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