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Welcome to Ice Road Trucking e-book preview 1. We’ll start this off with a short introduction followed by a short video before we get into the actual book preview.

We put together a total of 13 previews for you to browse through. We felt before making a purchase for an e-book, it would give you a chance to know if it’s money well spent or not. The previews are taken directly from chapters in the book.

For those of you seeking ice road trucking jobs, what better way to start than spending valuable time behind my wheel to decide if it’s for you.

About Ice Road Trucking

Have you ever wondered what the true story of Ice Road Trucking is all about?

  • Do you love to be enlightened by life lessons, quotes, and humour?
  • Do you like being pleasantly surprised by getting more than you
    bargained for?
  • Do you love reading genuine material presented in a unique style?
  • Do you want to learn how to be in a class of your own behind the wheel?

If any of these apply to you, than this book is for you.

So come along with me for the ride while I share my adventures in the Canadian North on the road that inspired the original History Channel TV show.

I’ll take you through a two month season into the frozen tundra and share with you hundreds of pictures and videos on the way. Along with a beauty of its own, breakdowns, accidents, and spin outs also await the adventurous driver willing to brave the extreme cold.

My Ice Road Trucking e-book has something for everyone, whether you’re a trucker or not. For those of you that have a “Truck-it” list like I did. I hope this story inspires you to fulfill it.

About the Author

Jack of all trades, master of none. Like many people, I’ve had a interesting career history that led me to where I am today. Trucking was originally only supposed to be something to fall back on, but became a major part of my life. Landscaping was my passion which inspired the development of my first website, (a how-to site for homeowners).

I recently followed suit with the launch of this site which focuses on off road trucking. After failing grade 11 English, I didn’t ever see writing as a career move for me. It’s funny how life works sometimes, so I hope all you English teachers forgive my work and enjoy it for what it is.

My goal here is to share life stories, lessons, and humour with other people. I figured if I could make people understand something, laugh, or even just smile, then I accomplished my job as a writer.

Kevin Goulding

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