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Welcome to the advertise with truckerswheel page. We’re glad you stopped by, but before we get into advertising, we’ll tell you a little bit about us so you know who we are.

Truckerswheel is an independently owned and operated off road trucking site run from Alberta, Canada. What started out over 6 years ago as a hobby has since grown into a small business with 3 websites currently in operation. Our focus with Truckerswheel is to deliver high quality, unique and authentic content obtained from working in the field. We’re dedicated to helping people find non-biased opinions and information about the off road trucking industry.

Our information is available to everyone at no cost. There’s no requirement to become a member or sign up to view any of our resources.

In the spring of 2016 Truckerswheel went through a complete overhaul to a new platform to allow us the expansive capabilities we need. We’ll be expanding with more high quality content based sites in the future. With this growth, we also decided it was time to form a small media company to oversee the sites as we continue to grow. When you advertise with truckerswheel, you’ll be dealing with a solid and reputable business.

Our company name is Slick Cow Media Inc. and is a federally registered corporation in Canada.

We look forward to doing business with you in an efficient, fair, and professional manner.

Why advertise with Truckerswheel?

Truckerswheel is quickly becoming the largest resource of information for the off road trucking industry. The benefit to you as an advertiser with Truckerswheel is the quality of the traffic viewing your ads.

  • Highly targeted traffic in the trucking industry.
  • A diverse site with unique content in a niche market
  • Customized plans to suit your needs
  • Affordable rates that can be locked in long term
  • Educational series sponsorship
  • Over 6 years of internet presence and stability
  • A personal relationship with genuine people
  • Independently owned and operated
  • The benefit of a group with a social network in the hundreds of thousands.

Our site is organized into 4 main areas. Click on any of the links below for an example of what you’ll find.

  1. Photo Galleries
  2. Informative series
  3. Trucking articles
  4. Informative Articles

You can choose what style of sponsorship best suites you and your budget.

At Truckerswheel we’ll work with you to meet your needs whether it’s banner ads, sidebar, site wide, sponsorship of a series, thunbnail, text link, or even full page.

Full Page

Create your own full page with photos, logos and write-ups of your choice. We’ll include links to this page from our high traffic pages that are relevant to your product or service. Note: this page will indicate that it is a sponsored page or advertisement.

Customized Options

We’d be happy to have a conversation with you about customized advertising to meet your needs. Please use the advertising contact form below and we can discuss what options are available to you.

Please note: Truckerswheel will only post sponsorship and advertising that is relevant and useful for our readers.

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