Ice Road Trucking Videos

Welcome to our section of Ice Road Trucking Videos. Here you get a chance to watch Ice road truckers online doing what they love.

Our footage is 100% authentic taken by the drivers behind the wheel. We have no camera crews, or TV shows to make us famous. We’re just doing our jobs and enjoy sharing our ice road truck driving videos with you.

With the focus of our site being off road trucking, our trucker videos will mostly be ice road trucking videos and this means the terrain will usually dictate how steady some of our camera work is, but that’s what makes it so authentic. So if you’re looking for edited reality TV type content, this isn’t the place. This is real. This is the way we keep it.

Keep checking back with us as we’ll continue to add more ice road driving videos from our files as we can. If you have any truck driving videos you wish to submit, feel free to contact us and we’ll credit you with your work.

Don’t forget to check out our photo gallery as well where we have hundreds of great off road pictures for you. You can also check out our Pinterest boards for thousand of trucking pictures to browse through.

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Ice Road Trucking Videos

Ice Road Trucking Videos