Road Reports

Road Reports is a service on our site to provide you with the important links you need to allow you to be up to date with current weather conditions in your area.

Before we give you the links to road reports, please take a minute to go over a few important safety tips.

Winter can present us with some of the most challenging driving. Safety for yourself and others should always be your number one priority. The conditions can change quickly compromising traction and visibility in any snowfall.

Make sure your have the most up-to-date information. You’ll need to make the right decision on whether or not you should even be on the road.

If there is no reason to go, then don’t. If you do have to go, make sure you have good tires, wiper blades, and plenty of washer fluid before you leave. Always drive to the road conditions and the traffic.

If you are an experienced driver in bad weather conditions, don’t be complacent or over aggressive. Use your experience as an asset rather than a liability.

Don’t forget to be prepared and pack your roadside winter safety kit before heading out on any trip.

Check road reports and Put safety first. Check you fluid levels before you drive.

Check road reports and Put safety first. Check you fluid levels before you drive.

511 in the new service provided by the Alberta Government. Below you will also find links to other parts of the country as well as a link for the United States.

511 Alberta offers actual camera views of Alberta roads

Canadian Road Reports

apps for quick access to current information.

  1. AMA Road Reports (Alberta)
  2. Drive BC (British Columbia Road Reports)
  3. Manitoba Road and Traveler Information
  4. New Brunswick Road Conditions
  5. Newfoundland and Labrador Road Conditions
  6. Northwest Territories Road Conditions
  7. Nova Scotia Road Conditions
  8. Nunavut – no highway access to Nunavut
  9. Ontario Travelers Information
  10. Prince Edward Island Road Report
  11. Quebec Travelers Information
  12. Saskatchewan (Government Highway Hotline)
  13. Yukon Road Conditions


United States Road Reports

  1. United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration