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This story is my trucker's view of life on the road. I have always enjoyed driving a truck, but felt there was something more for my life. I wanted to have a little more money, freedom, success, and challenge.

Over the years I had run across many other drivers not satisfied with truck driver pay. That's ok. It's normal to want more out of life. You are not alone in feeling the squeeze. I have had some pretty high paying truck driving jobs in the oilfields, but found that total dependency on someone else was not the answer for me. This story is meant to inspire anyone that believes there is something more that awaits them.

"If you aren't willing to build your own dreams, there will always be someone happy to hire you to help
them build theirs.”

I found a way to use my off duty time effectively to follow my own dreams and add some mental stimulation to my life. I realized that you can succeed with little or no investment. It's not about how much money, how smart you are, or how much education you have. People that succeed are "Resourceful". With wifi for truckers so readily available, there are many resources available to build passive, or residual incomes.

As drivers, we really are the thinkers of the world. Driving down the road gives us countless hours to think about anything and everything.

Truck drivers come from all walks of life, and have an incredible knowledge base. We have solved the world's problems, invented great things, and come up with some pretty amazing business ideas. On the road over the years, I have heard many a truckers view over the CB and VHF radio. They start as conversations to pass time, but can develop into dreams.

So why then do these ideas or dreams never make it past a conversation or thought? There are a number of reasons, so let's look at four of the biggest reasons.

Why do we fail to follow through on our dreams?


Most drivers work excessive hours, and have a limited amount of time at home with their families. This makes it very difficult to start any time consuming venture.

You have to make a plan to use your time effectively on the road. If you have waiting time, delivery time, shut down roads, or any other opportunity, use your time effectively. I was fortunate to have lots of paid downtime as a driver in the oil and gas industry. I worked in northern Alberta and British Columbia. The bottom line was, I used my time wisely.

Involving other family members in your goals or dreams can also help you overcome the time issues. Working as a team is important in any relationship. Your family becomes your team, and strengthens your relationship when you are on the road.

Fear of failing or losing financial investment

Many people are comfortable working for others, and enjoy that safety net employers can provide. With any new venture there is always risk. This means a general fear of being a failure, along with the fear of losing money. Remember these two quotes below when it comes to fear and money.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure does”. Unknown

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill.

Fear and money kill far too many dreams. The truth is, there are numerous ways a person can start a business, or earn a passive income with little or no investment. Remember that time IS money. If you lack financial resources, than stick to ideas where you can spend your “time” over your money.

The smaller the financial investment, the less fear you should have.

Lack of knowledge

Is a major contributor to self confidence, and self confidence is a cornerstone for building your “ATTITUDE.

Knowledge should no longer hold anyone back.

Lack of knowledge is a difficult excuse to use in today's society. It may have been accepted 20 or 30 years ago before the internet was commonplace, but not today. Knowledge is far too easy to obtain. Just type in any search engine and start reading.

In trucking, knowledge gives us the confidence to do our jobs effectively. A self confident driver has planned their route, and knows where they are going. They know their job duties and perform them well.

Drivers that have knowledge also have self confidence and enthusiasm. This leads to a more professional “attitude”. They are usually more considerate to others on the road, easier on equipment, fuel, and professional with customers. This is the core makeup of a “Professional Driver”.

What's available for those that want more?

Many of us have laptop computers and internet access from air cards, or places that we stop with wifi for truckers. We use them for almost anything from entertainment, to communicating with our families, friends and relatives. That is productive off duty time, but have you ever thought of making money from a computer?

I am sure that you have a truckers view that may be of value to someone else.

Think about your ideas, skills, or areas of expertise. What skills and knowledge do you have that you can share with others?

This is not a new thing, or a get rich quick. Using the internet in your spare time to build content based sites has been around for a while. You can generate a passive supplemental income, build savings towards your retirement, or make it a full-time career. There are many ways to make money on the internet, but you also must be careful of scams.

I encourage those of you who are looking for something more, to spend some time looking at your options. Who knows where it will lead? Like anything in life, you get out of it, what you put into it. Here is another quote for you.

“Good things come to those who work their butt's off”

So this is how I proceeded.

Like many of us, I had other areas of education and training. I had a background in landscape design, and had a small landscaping business in the summer. In the winter, I was an oilfield truck driver. Both paid fairly well but were inconsistent.

I enjoyed my job in the oilfields, but it was dependent on the economy. I loved landscaping in the summer, but it was largely dependent on the weather. Living in a northern climate also meant short seasons for this type of work.

I had a laptop computer in my truck, and spent many winter hours researching and educating myself on landscaping techniques. The problem was there wasn't “one great site” to go that had it all. I saw the need, and got to work on it right away.

This is referred to as finding your “niche”, and I had just found mine.

The greatest thing about a "niche" is you don't don't have to know anything about it. Remember what I said earlier? You just need to be resourceful.

Like many of us, I have had many ideas in my life, but never followed through on them. I think I wasted time thinking, planning, or trying to write business plans. Don't get me wrong about business plans, they do have their place. (No business plan = no loan at a financial institution.) I also believe sometimes you just have to stop talking, and “DO”.

Fortunately my wife had also been going through the same thinking with her career, and had already researched the best “build your own website” companies. We bought into the site which cost less than a few hotel rooms at a decent motel. This forced us to take that next step, and we got to work right away. We started building a content based website.


We chose SBI (Site Build-it) to build our site. You work at your own pace, and they had great training and information.You do NOT have to be an expert in computers to build a website.

I started writing on paper all my knowledge from training and experience. Then I researched and cross referenced everything I had to ensure my information was correct. This exercise also taught me a lot, including some different tricks of the trade.

I always kept a book with me to write down ideas on the road. When I was driving, I was thinking about other ways to make it successful. When I was stuck somewhere for any reason, I was writing, writing, writing. I was excited to be building something for us, and I no longer had any boredom on the road.

Before I knew it, I had dozens and dozens of pages to get the site started. My wife and I worked as a team building our site. Being able to work as a team is important, and we are lucky that way.

SBI has everything for you. It's like taking a course in web building, marketing, and search engine studies all in one. I couldn't believe that it only cost us a few hundred dollars for everything. Even the domain name. Your only true investment is your time.

The biggest question I would get from others was, “I don't know anything about computers”. Well guess what? You don't have to.

Did I understand everything I read, or every video I watched the first time? No. Sometimes I had to watch something 4 or even 5 times for it to fully sink in. (And I have been involved with computers for many years.) Now SBI is even easier to work with then when we started. 

Sometimes it can be a bit tough, but you have to stick with it, it will always work out in the end. You have to find ways to motivate yourself. In my home office I printed off some pictures of things that I want to have. Find something that you have always dreamed of having and take a picture of it. Keep it close by so it keeps you motivated.

Not only did this pass the time or boredom of being away from my family, but I enjoyed my job more, felt more productive, and had a new outlook on life. It totally changed my whole attitude. I now make a passive income that is growing every day.

How does this work? How do you make money off the internet?

There are many different ways to make money off a website. You can sell a product or service. You can sell advertising on your website. (There are different types of this.) You can have affiliate programs where you get a percent of sales for products, or services that are offered on your site. These are a few of the main ways. Basically, the more traffic you have, the more money you make.

Maybe you are looking for a little bit more for your retirement?

So if you are interested in supplementing your income? Looking for a career change, or just some more money in your spare time, content based websites are a great way to go. We hope you enjoyed reading about this truckers view.

"Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does buy you the freedom to do the things that make you happy”

For more information please contact me through this website. You can also visit my other site at I would be happy to give you the information you need to know to start off in the right direction. I would love to see more truck drivers making their dreams come true. I know there are some million dollar ideas out there, so let's get them going.

Drive safe,


About the Author

Like many drivers, I have a varied background from different industries. Early on in my working career I was involved in sales, marketing and key accounts in the food service industry. After a brief career in automotive repair in the late 90's I ended up pursuing my commercial drivers license as something to fall back on. I always wanted to drive a truck.

I have been driving off and on since 1998 while also pursuing my passion for landscaping. I have driven in cities, highway, 6 years in the oilfields, and also the mountains of BC. I have operated many different configurations of trucks and trailers hauling different commodities.

I continue to drive a truck today part time, but in my spare time I enjoy working on my websites. In the summertime I do some landscape consulting, and still love to build natural stone walls and flagstone patios. 


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