Ice Road Accidents

Ice road accidents show us that not all off road trucking experiences are good. Reality TV shows like Ice Road Truckers surely exaggerate the truth, but I can tell you bad things still happen. The challenges can sometimes overcome us and the price we pay can be a heavy.

It requires a level head and a good balance of confidence and caution. You don’t have the extreme grades log truck drivers and oilfield truckers have in the mountains, but the ice surface can humble you as quickly as any steep hill.

We’ve got a few blunders and mishaps in this gallery to show you the downside to ice road trucking. Most of the blunder are simply falling asleep at the wheel, but a few may surprise you. Going through the ice can happen. That is the worst nightmare for an ice road driver. We have thousands of off road driving pictures in our vaults, so bear with us as we add more to our galleries each week.

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